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Vital Kexts

Name Description Download/Info
VirtualSMC A modern replacement for FakeSMC. Supports more devices; more stable, less problems.
Lilu A Kext patcher that helps fix things such as Graphics, USB, WiFi and Bluetooth, and more.
FakeSMC When installing FakeSMC, stick to only the main kext file. The other ones may cause problems. DO NOT USE WITH VirtualSMC.
Originally created by netkas, forked-up by RehabMan


Name Description Download/Info
The Modern, more stable replacement of Clover. Works on
most every version of OS X / macOS.
Created in part by acidanthera.
Clover Try to switch to OpenCore if possible!
Clover is not stable for macOS 10.13+.
Chameleon For legacy BIOS systems only.

Lilu & Plugins

Name Description Download/Info
Lilu A Kext patcher that helps fix things such as Geaphics, USB, WiFi, Bluetooth and more.

Main Plugins

Name Description Download/Info
WhateverGreen A massive graphics patching addon for Lilu. Fixes AMD, NVIDIA, and Intel graphics.
AppleALC Chipset specific audio patches to enable native audio.

Miscellaneous Plugins

Name Description Download/Info
AirportBrcmFixup Patches Broadcom/Atheros Bluetooth firmware.
BrcmPatchRAM Various patches for Broadcom Wi-Fi cards.
CPUFriend CPU Power Management
HibernationFixup Enables other hibernation modes on certain hardware.
NightshiftEnabler Enables Night Shift on unsupported hardware.
NoTouchID Disables TouchID to prevent TID related Kernel Panics.
NVMeFix NVMe Drive Power Management for generic drives.
SidecarEnabler Allows support for Sidecar on unsupported models.



Name Description Download/Info
itlwm Supports certain Intel WiFi cards. Check compatibility for more information. Use HeliPort to configure WiFi settings.
IntelMausiEthernet 5 Series: 82578[LM, LC, DM, DC]
6/7 Series: 82579[LM, V]
8/9 Series: I217[LM, V], and I218[LM, V, LM2, V2, LM3])
AppleIntelE1000e Supports chipsets 82571, 82572, 82573, 82574, 82578, 82579, 82583, ICH10, 80003ES2 and more.
AppleIGB Supports chipsets I210, I211, I350, 82575, 82576, 82580, and DH89XXCC.
SmallTree i211 Supports i211 chipsets.


Name Description Download/Info
RTL8111 Supports chipsets RTL8111 and RTL8111B/8168B.
RealtekRTL8100 Supports chipsets RTL8101E, RTL8102E, RTL8103E, RTL8105E, RTL8401E, RTL8402, RTL8106E, and RTL8106EUS.
RTL8125 Supports RTL8125 chipsets


Name Description Download/Info
ALXEthernet Supports chipsets AR81(31/32/51/52/61/62/71/72)
AtherosE2200 AR816x, AR817x, Killer E220x, Killer E2400, and Killer E2500.
AtherosL1c Supports chipsets AR813x/815x

USB Kexts

Name Description Download/Info
USBInjectAll Supports only Intel based xHCI (USB 3) chipsets.
GenericUSBXHCI Generic USB driver for xHCI chipsets.
FakePCIID Use both FakePCIID.kext and FakePCIID_XHCIMux.kext together. Bypasses 15-port limit in macOS.


Name Description Download/Info
VoodooHDA A generic implementation of audio drivers.
Use AppleALC instead as you'll get better sound quality and it will work better!
VoodooTSCSync Synchronizes the TSC on Intel processors. Typically only required for 2011 socket processors.
This version (modded by RehabMan) automatically detects core count. No need to modify.
VoodooPS2 Supports PS2 bus devices, such as keyboards and trackpads. Supports PS2-HID, ELAN, Synaptics, FTE, Atmel, some USB devices and more. Keep in mind, your trackpad is either PS2 or I2C.
If this kext doesn't work, it might be I2C.
VoodooI2C Supports I2C bus devices, such as keyboards and trackpads. Supports I2C-HID, ELAN, and FTE devices.