A Kext patcher that helps fix things such as Graphics, USB, WiFi and Bluetooth, and more.

Main Plugins

Name Description Download/Info
WhateverGreen A massive graphics patching addon for Lilu. Fixes AMD, NVIDIA, and Intel graphics.
AppleALC Chipset specific audio patches to enable native audio.

Miscellaneous Plugins

Name Description Download/Info
AirportBrcmFixup Patches Broadcom/Atheros Bluetooth firmware.
BrcmPatchRAM Various patches for Broadcom Wi-Fi cards.
CPUFriend CPU Power Management
HibernationFixup Enables other hibernation modes on certain hardware.
NightshiftEnabler Enables Night Shift on unsupported hardware.
NoTouchID Disables TouchID to prevent TID related Kernel Panics.
NVMeFix NVMe Drive Power Management for generic drives.
SidecarEnabler Allows support for Sidecar on unsupported models.